How Long Does It Take to Get IELTS Certificate and Result

 How Long Does It Take to Get IELTS Certificate and Result?

How long does it take to receive an IELTS certificate and score? The duration of the British Council IELTS certificate and result. The duration of the IDP certificate and the result. This is the first question come in IELTS’s aspirant mind. The official result of the computer based examination is announced within 3-5 days after the test date whereas the result of the paper based test is announced after 13 days of the test. 

How do you check an IELTS certificate online? This is the second question in an aspirant’s mind: There are two ways of IELTS, IDP IELTS Certificate and British Council IELTS Both certificates can be verified by IELTS official website. We provide one of the greatest online IELTS services. You can also get PTE certification from this trustworthy provider.

The international English language testing system (IELTS) is used to evaluate your English language level. There are a lot of other English proficiency tests that are used to test your skills in English, but IELTS is the most accepted among all. The recognition rate of IELTS is higher than any other test.  IELTS is developed by Cambridge Assessment of English Board and offered by the British Council and IDP Education. Approximately 80% of people who want to go to English countries choose this test because of the high recognition rate.

IELTS Modules Explained

There are two main IELTS modules we will be looking at:

  1. IELTS Academic modules
  2. General Training modules

IELTS Academic Modules

The Academic module is for students. The candidates of this test are mostly students who want to go abroad for higher studies. If you are having plans to study abroad or take a course, we encourage to look into this.

IELTS General Training Modules

The General Training module is for those who move foreign countries on work visas and other activities that are beyond the education circle.

There are other IELTS types we will love to throw some reviews one:

  • IELTS UKVI Test Type: IELTS UKVI was designed for those who have interest to move to the UK. This test type was designed to fulfill a United Kingdom requirement especially for skilled workers and those who wish to further or pursue their career in medicine. Did you know you can buy a UKVI certificate without exam?
  • IELTS Life Skills: IELTS life skill was designed for those traveling to the UK for a post graduate program. This test assess you in only two modules, speaking and listening. You can explore our blog on Buy IELTS life skills certificate without exam.

You can either take a computer-based test or the traditional paper-based testing technique. You have two choices: either you can opt for a computer-based test or classic paper-based test. The grading scale of IELTS falls between 1-9. The higher score means a higher English language level. Many institutions set some minimum criteria of IELTS score minimum 6 band. But to overcome all these hurdles, you can buy Genuine IELTS certificate with your desired band score from our agency.

They all verifiable and approved by the IELTS systems both British Council and IDP Education

British Council Certificate And Result Duration

One of the main providers of the IELTS exam is the British Council. The British council is available everywhere in the world, with the exception of India, which, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, just sold its IELTS business to IDP Education. Depending on where you live, you can take the IELTS test at any British Council center nearby. The simplest method to determine whether your nation has a British Council center is to visit the official website of the British Council and schedule a test to see if your nation is included.

1 -British Council Computer Test Certificate And Result Duration:

Computer based IELTS test held under the administration of British Council and its result announced within 5th day of test. The British Council dispatches your result through a courier service on your given mailing address. And this will reach you within 3-5 days depending on your location. Alternatively, you can pick it up from the center by yourself. You’ll also relieve a TRF (Test Report Form). With the rise of the Electronic test report form format, you can also download your certificate under your candidate portal a few days after your result is released.

2- British Council Paper Test:

In contrast to computer based tests, the results of paper based tests take more time. The result of the paper based test is announced after 13 days of the test day. The candidates who opt manual, typical paper based test methods can check their result after 13 days of exam.

Your certificate will be dispatched from the British council office through a courier service and delivered to you within 3-5 days. It depends on your location and courier service chosen by the institution. However, you can pick your certificate along with TRF from the British council office.

IDP Certificate And Result Duration

IDP Education, today stands as the largest IELTS provider world wide. It will amaze you that IDP is the only IELTS provider in India and Australia. You will find them in all Asian countries and most countries across the world. IDP Education is the second largest IELTS provider. IDP IELTS hosted by India. This institution is currently hosting IDP IELTS exams and awarding certificates. IDP is available in Asian and North American countries. They are offering and evaluating the IELTS exam. They always have dates for candidates. In advancement, they generate a mechanism in pandemic days through which candidates can get an electronic copy of TRF.

1- IDP Computer Test:

IDP computer based test released punctually on the given schedule dates. Sometimes it is uploaded on site before time. The result may take minimum 3 days, and maximum 5 days to be published. If your location supports the eTRF format, you can download your eTRF under your account after some few days. In case it doesn’t, your certificate can be delivered to your address through a courier service.

2- IDP Paper Test:

The result of the IDP paper based test will be announced within 8- 13 days, by the following exam date.

The evaluation of paper based tests takes more time than computer based tests. Because the examiners check each paper of the candidate manually so it takes more time. Your performance will be marked on the basis band score. Your certificate will be dispatched from the British council office through a courier service and delivered to you within 3-5 days.


In a nutshell, it is not important from where you get an IELTS certificate either from the British council or from the IDP. The score in the IELTS certificate is important. We suggest you choose an IELTS test provider that is easily accessible or what you can find in your location. Another way you can buy an IELTS certificate from our agency is by giving a small fee.