Is It Possible To Update IELTS Scores?

Is It Possible To Update IELTS Scores? YES Is it possible that you can change or upgrade your IELTS score? This question comes into mind when you are obsessed with the exam. This happens when you try hard for a test but do not achieve good scores. All of your efforts go in vain and you suffer from a traumatic condition. But there is no need to go into depression, upgrade your previous low scoring IELTS certificate with us. We have access to the database of organizations like the British council or IDP that conducted IELTS, so we can easily update your results.

Before proceeding, must keep in mind that we don’t give virtual documents. We will give you your updated certificate at your doorstep. Which you can verify from the official website of the British Council or IDP. We are sincere with our candidates and give them certificates that they can use it freely all over the world.

Is It Possible To Update IELTS Scores

Updating IELTS Scores Overview

If you are not satisfied with your previous IELTS scores, we can modify your scores with help of IDP or British Council staff and database managers. 

This process is completed in 5-7 days. The process begins by gathering your personal information but remember you have to provide your certificate as reference to complete the process. When we have all the required information, we will enter your modified scores in the database. The remaining steps of the process are kept confidential. Because of our internal policies and procedures this information is kept confidential and we can’t publicize it. Also read: Get PTE Certificate Without Exam

Our team of professionals for IELTS certification will make sure that you get your desired results within promised time. If you have any query or require more information regarding it, use the WhatsApp button to contact our support team. Every candidate’s success is our top priority. Book now and start working with us.

We don’t encourage the use of fake IELTS certification. Never ever buy or try to use an IELTS certificate that is not registered in the system or is not verifiable online. If you have purchased any such certificate (not authentic), don’t worry, even then we can help you. Also read: Get IELTS certification without exam.

Modify IELTS Scores

We assure you that we can upgrade the outdated results. Even if your certificate has more than two years of age we can still upgrade such an expired certificate and put the upgrade results in the recent test dates that reflect on the database. The process of upgrading is complete within a time period of 5-7 days. We have updated millions of certificates without any problem. In addition to IELTS upgradation, we also offer IELTS proxy, IELTS leaked exam paper.  Check out: How to pass PMP certification without exam.

This is an opportunity to boost your scores performance as you did not achieve them while taking the exam using the normal approach.

Is Updating IELTS Past Scores Genuine?

Yes, the updated certificate is totally genuine and can be used worldwide immigration. Moreover, you can check the authenticity of the certificate by verifying from the portal of the British council or IDP education. The upgradation process is not automatic or like a magic, instead we have a team of professionals that have deep access to the organizations., look after this and follow legal procedures. 

Also be rest assured that, you are dealing with professionals and experts in the field of IELTS which have carried IELTS procedure before and have many years of work experience. We guarantee you success as you are about to embark on a journey of improving your IELTS scores instead of retaking of the test.

They all verifiable and approved by the IELTS systems both British Council and IDP Education