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With the high travel rates of people in third world countries, IELTS has become the most taken exam on the internet. With its massive growth, every organisation and institution in western countries have made a must requirement for all those looking forward to work and studies in these locations. Even in Singapore, IELTS has become a requirement that can be used to boost your career or promotion within an organisation. So your question is, can I buy an IELTS certificate without an exam in Singapore? The answer is yes, you can rely on us in case you wish to get this done. We will take time to highlight some important concepts you may want to evaluate in order to know what to do. The certificate is British Council and IDP Education approved

IELTS Without Exam in Singapore Tips

Singapore is one of the richest countries in Asia. With its diversity and the fact that it is a home of millions of immigrants coming from India, China, Africa… The truth is, the majority of these immigrants are from non-English speaking regions. Some must have used other routes to gain entry to this country without validating the IELTS or language requirements. Since most companies rely on language flexibility to hire individuals, if you are fluent in English, then it becomes an added advantage. So should you get certified with an IELTS in order to secure a better position in Singapore? Does my performance matter or do I just need an IELTS certification? How can I ensure that this is the right path to follow? Also read: Buy PMP Certification Without Exams

Advantage of Being IELTS Certified

IELTS is an important requirement especially if you are seeking a promotion or a better job. The reality is, the world is a global village. And even in the most remote areas, someone can understand English when spoken to. So organisations may want to hire individuals with great mastery in using the English language. This alone provides these agencies with competent workers that can handle international clients or visitors in Singapore. Also read: Buy PTE Certificate Without Exams

However, just having an IELTS certification is not always enough. Having a better score in performance is the icing on the cake. The test is being assessed in 4 modules (listening, speaking, reading and writing), the better your performance, the higher your scores. The question now is, is the test easy to go through and pass?

We introduce you to this ultimate solution which allows you to buy this certification instead of taking the test or trying to pass on your own. IELTS  without exams is that solution that will not only give you flexibility, but also provide you with the exact scores you may be looking for to fulfil your requirements. 

In summary, this is not the only path that guarantees your success in IELTS. However you can take the exam which is what most people who cannot afford this do. But in case you can buy your way to success, then you can hire us for this.

They all verifiable and approved by the IELTS systems both British Council and IDP Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this genuine?

Yes it is, when we are done, you can follow this IELTS verification guide to verify the certificate on your own. Or we will do the TRF number verification and show you your details in the system.

Can I apply and don’t go to the center?

Yes we can do everything on your behalf and you do not need to bother appearing for the test or going to the center

How many days does it take?

We use 5 to 7 days to get a complete registration done.

Can I be caught?

No, we have many years of experience doing this. Everything is safe and confidential

How can I apply?

Get to our support team on Whatsapp or telegram